Es mi hermana, Brittany, y su esposo, Nick

Son mi familia de mi mama en Christmas, 2014

Es mi primo, John Michael, en Christmas 2014

Es mi amiga mejor's hijo, Landon. Heehee!

Es mi amiga mejor Jessica, y su hijo Landon.

Son mi hermanas, Brittany y Danielle. Brittany vive en Atlanta, Ga con su esposo.

Son mi mama Lori, mi hermana Brittany, y mi papa Mark en mi hermana's día de la boda

Day 358: 12.25.2012

A very happy Christmas indeed! Jack got me a keurig! :D

Day 357:12.24.2012

Christmas Eve cuddles

Day 356: 12.23.2012

Tacos on a plate, yumyum!

Day 355: 12.22.2012

Yay! We survived! So I can give Mah her cool sign.

Day 354: 12.21.2012

Picciah prepares for the Apocalypse the only way she knows how: with a nap.

Day 353: 12.20.2012

Our Christmas card from Mah. :)

Day 352:12.19.2012

That seems to be a bit much...

Day 351: 12.18.2012

Making a foxy new shift knob cover!

Day 350: 12.17.2012

That would be v8 that Bounty decided she wanted to try out, via her paw in my cup, and fling all over the lamp because she didnt care for the taste.

Day 349: 12.16.2012

And a horse for good measure.

Day 348: 12.15.2012

I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping for kiddo gifts this year.  Cant wait for them to open this!

Day 347:12.14.2012

My *hilaaaaaarious* younger sister gave me this for an early birthday gift.  You only have 4 years, deary! :D

Day 346: 12.13.2012

Delicious and healthy lunch, ftw!

Day 345: 12.12.2012

Picciah and I celebrated 12.12.12 with a nap on the couch.

Day 344: 12.11.2012

This right here is why Jack usually does the wrapping.

Day 343: 12.10.2012

I made Bert a headache bag for Christmas. She was pretty excited!

Day 342: 12.9.2012

Oh the ad'oblness!

Day 341:12.8.2012

Upon further creative collaboration with Jack, we decided that highlighting the letters in another color *might* make it easier for Grandma Sue to read and enjoy her present. :)

Day 340: 12.7.2012

Grandma Sue's Christmas present!

Day 339: 12.6.2012

Mmmm strawberry preserves.

Day 338: 12.5.2012

I think Bounty's favorite time of the year is Christmas, because she absolutely loves sleeping under the tree.

Day 337: 12.4.2012

This is my precious moment's tree topper from when I was a kid.  I held on to her all these years, but she hasn't been the topper to my tree in eons.  This year, I decided she should be, but her gold frilly dress had to go.  So I made her a new one, rosied up her cheeks (to hide old marker accidents on her face), and Helen (as Jack decided she needed to be named) is now gracing our tree.

Day 336: 12.3.2012

Cute handmade Christmas card army, coming soon to a mailbox near you!

Day 335: 12.2.2012

Homemade cinnamon roll bites...didn't care for the icing I made, but the rolls themselves were fabulous!

Day 334: 12.1.2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! :D

Day 333: 11.30.2012

Bounty's never been very good at hide and seek.

Day 332: 11.29.2021

Ats allota bacon!

Day 331: 11.28.2012

Picciah relaxes by the fireplace after a hard day of napping, snacking, and cuddling.

Day 330: 11.27.2012

I like it!  It will be strung with lights and hung outside!